Genus Limacina

Genus Limacina Bosc, 1817

Limacina is composed of three subgenera; Limacina with two species, Munthea with three species, and Thilea with three species. Limacina helicina is the type species.

All species have a dextral shell without or with very few sculptures (Limacina genus). Wells (1978) proposed the following subdivision of the genus based on anatomical characters; it is not followed here because this classification only spilt the normal from two more special species.
Limacina subg. Limacina bulimoides
Limacina subg. Limacina helicina
Limacina subg. Thilea helicoides
Limacina subg. Embolus inflata
Limacina subg. Limacina lesueuri
Limacina subg. Limacina retroversa
Limacina subg. Limacina trochiformis

[8 species in 3 subgenera]