Genus Atlanta

Genus Atlanta Lesueur, 1817

Atlanta is composed of twenty-one valid species. Atlanta peroni is considered the type species of the genus. They all have flatly coiled and keeled, calcareous shells, and a large body with a prominent proboscis and one swimming fin (Atlanta genus).
As most species of Heteropoda this genus is also frequently found feeding on Pteropoda (Atlanta eating Creseis).

Doubtful species that are not included here are:
A. mediterranea : Costa, 1852: 4
A. violacea : Gould, 1852: 493
A. tessellata : Gould, 1852: 494
A. cunicula : Gould, 1852: 492
A. pulchella : Verrill, 1884, in Abbott, 1974: 133

[21 species]