Genus Pterotrachea

Genus Pterotrachea Forskal, 1775

Pterotrachea is composed of four species; the type species is Pterotrachea coronata. They are large naked, pelagic snail, many centimeters long, with a mainly transparent cylindrical body, the proboscis is perpendicular to the body. Only the oval visceral mass is a darkly pigmented, the large eyes, with black retina, and the mouth organs are also clearly seen. The body is long and cylindrical with one swimming fin (Pterotrachea coronata).
The species given below are dubious and not included here:
P. rufa Quoy and Gaimard, 1824: 491
P. lesueuri Risso, 1826: 29
P. pulmonata Forskal, 1775: 118
P. aculeata : Forskal, 1775: 118

[4 species]