Pneumoderma atlanticum boasi

Pneumoderma atlanticum subsp. boasi (Pelseneer, 1887c)


This is a small naked pelagic snail, about 0.7 cm long. It is oval, with a slightly transparent, usually pigmented skin. The wings and lateral gill are small, the posterior footlobe are long. The buccal mass has two lateral arms, each with up to 40 suckers. It lives in the warm waters of Atlantic and Mediterranean but probably it is found in all oceans in the upper water layers although it is never abundant (Pneumoderma a. boasi).

Taxonomic Description

Body, head and foot parts are similar to Pneumoderma a. atlanticum forma atlanticum. Lateral gill short, with fringes, lateral somatic crests also fringed. Posterior gill with short radiating crests with fringes, but not subdivided. Acetabuliferous arms with 40 small suckers, hook sacs rather short. This from is solely based on the shape of the gills.
Body length up to 7 mm.


A special description is not available.


This form is a protandric hermaphrodite.


This form is a carnivore.


This form is found in the Mediterranean, E-Atlantic and E-Pacific Oceans, see the Pneumoderma a. boasi map.


Pneumonoderma boasi Pelseneer, 1887: 30, pl. 2, fig. 3.
Holotype not found in BMNH, u.s.
Type locality: off Caldera (Chili) about lat. 27°. Coll.: CVPE.