Recluzia bensoni

Recluzia bensoni Adams, 1855
[dubious species]


This is a large shelled, pelagic snail. It lives in the pleuston and has no swimming fins. The dextral shell is highly coiled. The aperture is round, the columella is straight. It is a carnivorous species predating on relatively large floating animals.

Taxonomic Description

In this species the whorls are more convex than in R. turrita v.d. Busch, which it closely resembles. The straight, elongated inner lip has the free margin somewhat reflexed; the aperture is produced anteriorly, and the whorls are transversely striated. The nucleus is small and pointed and the nuclear whorls are quite pellucid.


The juveniles have a dextrally coiled shell. A special description is not available.


This species is described from the China Sea off Formosa. Good data on distribution are absent, but it is only mentioned as a Pacific species.


Recluzia bensoni Adams, 1855: 402.
Type locality: China Sea off Formosa.

Original description

R. testa turbinata, tenui, pallide fulva, anguste umbilicata; spura e;lata, acuta; anfractibus 4 1/2, convexis, transversim striatis lineisque incrementi instructis; suturis profundis; apertura ovata, antice vix producta; labio rectiusculo, margine subreflexo; labro integro, regulariter arcuato.