Recluzia hargravesi

Recluzia hargravesi Cox, 1870
[dubious species]


This is a large, shelled pelagic snail. It lives in the pleuston and has no swimming fins. The dextral shell is highly coiled. The aperture is round. It is a carnivorous species predating on relatively large floating animals (Recluzia hargravesi). It occurs in Australian waters.

Taxonomic Description

The shell is thin, dextrally coiled and high with up to 7 convex whorls. The suture is deep. The aperture is oval-round. The columellar margin is thickened and expanded. In the original figure a little fold on the columella is shown. The shell is greenish horny-brown, faintly transversely striated and indistinctly banded.


The juveniles have a dextrally coiled shell. A special description is not available.


Recluzia hargravesi Cox, 1870: 172, pl. 16, fig. 8.
Type locality: Miall River, Port Stephens, NS Wales.