Phylliroe atlantica

Phylliroe atlantica Bergh, 1871


Leaf-like, laterally flattened pelagic mollusc, without papillae and completely transparent. The digestive gland has no constriction in the middle (Phylliroe atlantica). It lives in the warm upper water layers of all oceans.

Taxonomic Description

The body is laterally compressed, elongate and fish- or leaf-like, it is perfectly transparent. The tail is short, less than 16% of the body length. There are no papillae but one pair of relatively small tentacles (the rhinophores) are present. The foot is reduced to a pedal gland not disrupting the body outline. The head, before the rhinophores, is directed downward with a terminal mouth. The anus is situated on the right lateral side in the centre of the body. The digestive gland and other organs are visible through the skin. The digestive gland is not constricted or X-shaped. There are five gonads. The radula formula is 5-1-5. Median teeth unicuspoid, with small denticulation on both sides of the median cusp.
Body length up to 55 m.


A special description is not available.


This species is hermaphroditic, see also the next species.


This is an epipelagic species.


This species is known from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.