Cymbulia peroni minor

Cymbulia peroni De Blainville, 1818 morpha minor Van der Spoel, 1976c


Cymbulia peroni (part) Steuer, 1911: 722
Cymbulia borealis? Bonnevie, 1913: 29
Cymbulia peroni morpha minor nov. morpha Van der Spoel, 1976c: 39

The name C. borealis is probably synonymous with the present one as the only character which separates them is the lack of a "ventral lobe of the fin" and this is due to damage. The existence of a local Adriatic race, living at greater depth, is mentioned. The race is not considered a separate taxon, as it is not fully studied with regard to its meristics, but may prove to be distinct.
The name Cymbulia valdiviae is used by Richter (1977 :233) and it shows a reduced radula of a specimen that may belong to this species but the name is obscure.