Peraclis bispinosa

Peraclis bispinosa Pelseneer, 1888a


Spirialis australis (non Eydoux and Souleyet, 1840) part Souleyet, 1852a: 64
Spirialis diversa n. sp., nom. nud. Monterosato, 1875a: 50
Peraclis bispinosa n. sp. Pelseneer, 1888a: 36
Peracle reticulata var. diversa Dall, 1889a: 80
Peracle diversa? Smith, 1889: 421
Peracle bispinosa Smith, 1889: 421
Peraclis diversa Massy, 1909: 24
Peracle reticulata diversa Johnson, 1934: 150
Peraclis bispinosa forma diversa Tesch, 1946, pl. 4, fig. 24
Peraclis diversa Deevey, 1971: 233

For this species the name Peraclis diversa is available, but the name Peraclis bispinosa, in common use, refers to a better description of a full grown specimen. Peraclis diversa was first introduced as nomen nudum and probably referred to a damaged juvenile shell. For these reasons it is proposed that the priority rule not be used and to suppress the name Peraclis diversa.
Giovine (1988) is of the opinion that Peraclis diversa is a valid species.