Protatlanta souleyeti

Protatlanta souleyeti (Smith, 1888a)


Atlanta souleyeti n. nov. Smith, 1888a: 43
Atlanta lamanoni n. sp. Souleyet, 1852b: 371
Protatlanta souleyeti Tesch, 1949: 13
Protatlanta souleyetii Richter, 1963: 145
Proatlanta souleyeti Thiriot-Quievreux, 1971a: 1421
Protatlanta mediterranea n. sp. Vatova, 1974: 100

The specimen recorded by Tokioka (1961: 317, fig. 35) is not this species the number of whorls, up to 6.5, and as the spire are too high (see also Atlanta inclinata).