Recluzia johnii

Recluzia johnii (Holten, 1803)
[dubious species]


This is a large, shelled pelagic snail. It lives in the pleuston and has no swimming fins. The dextral shell is turrate and has about 8 concave whorls. The aperture is oval. The colour is bluish-brown on the upperside and the underside is white. There is a spiral rib on the body whorl. It is a carnivorous species predating on relatively large floating animals (Recluzia johnii). It lives in the Indian Ocean.

Taxonomic Description

Shell thin and transparent, the underside is white the upper parts are bluish-brown. Spiral striae very faint. There are about 7 to 8 convex whorls, the last ones with a keel. The aperture is nearly round with a sharp rim.


The juveniles have a dextrally coiled shell. A special description is not available.


Helix johnii Holten, 1803: 76 and Chemnitz, 1795: 284, pl. 210, figs. 2067-2077.
Type locality probably Indian Ocean.
Original description in Chemnitz (1795): Testa laevi, pellucida, ovali, acuminata, antractibos septum vel octo convexis, inferiore subcarinato, apertura lunata.